A.G. Billig

AG Billig

Audience Energizer for TEDxResedaBlvd

A.G. Billig will help energize the audience during TEDxResedaBlvd with participatory activities interspersed throughout the programing.

Billig is a published author of fiction and non-fiction books, self-publishing expert, and spiritual guide. Her mission is to assist people on their journey to love and fulfilling their life purpose.

A.G. Billig’s fiction and non-fiction books revolve around love. She began writing short stories at the age of 8 and won the first prize in several national short story, reportage, and drama writing competitions.

The daughter of a French father and East-European mother, A.G. sees herself as a world citizen who speaks the universal language of love. She is passionate about music, travel, spirituality, nature, animals, entrepreneurship, dancing, and photography.

You can find more about her at www.agbillig.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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