Alyssa Barron

From an early age, Alyssa Barron developed a love for music. At the age of three, she recalls singing tunes alongside her father. She became involved in arts: choirs and musicals. Soon she emerged as a leading vocalist in jazz, blues and big bands.

Influenced by jazz and folk, it shaped her style of writing. She continued to evolve in blues and jazz. With ambition, Alyssa decided to expand her career in music—this time in other countries.

Alyssa’s Career in Music

Alyssa focused on music and theatre in England. She spent six years in the United Kingdom where she performed voice overs and worked in theatre. But it was her unforgettable stage presence that opened new doors for her. She began performing with legendary artists and many other blues bands.

Recent Creative and Published Works

Alyssa also writes fantasy, poetry, and essays. Her work, “The Land of Fire and Ice,” a nonfiction essay has been published in Allegory Ridge. Artemis, an honorable journal for artists and writers, featured her poems in issues 2016-2018.

Her eclectic musical style blends folk, blues, and jazz, and can be found on Spotify.  She is also on the Board of Directors of Miracle League Los Angeles, providing baseball for children with special needs. Alyssa is a musician, sommelier and yoga instructor. When not teaching or pouring wine, she sings with various bands and writes music. You can find her work at

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