Baisakhi Saha

Performance: Reciting the Story of the River with an accompanying dance.

The Many Influences of Baisakhi Saha

Baisakhi Saha was born in Kolkata; she grew up in different states of India, each with a distinct culture, custom, costume, creed, color and cuisine, so it felt as if she was always in a new country. Her childhood was thus a preparation for what was to come in adulthood. Baisakhi is multilingual, she speaks six languages.

Baisakhi’s Education and Traveling Journeys

A globe-trotter, at the age of 17, she left India having won full scholarships to study abroad in Singapore and graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Computing and minor in German. Since then, she has not just traveled, but lived in different countries across the globe on various student exchange programs, studying life through diverse mirrors of reality, flowing across the earth like a river in pursuit of her destiny!

From Asia to Europe, to Africa to South — Central and North America, she has lived with local families, eating their food, adopting their lifestyles, contributing to their economy, living their culture, navigating extreme realities and harsh conditions, perceiving diverse traditions and religions, for several years to find answers to life’s most pertinent questions. Coming from a conservative family background in India, she had to overcome all limitations to fly out of her comfort zones.

Published Work and Forthcoming Projects

She published her first book during her exchange in Costa Rica. Her two upcoming books are titled, Life is Abracadabra, which recounts 21 magical stories from her travels across the globe that will make you look at life with new eyes. And “Nrit-the dream of finding the self”, which will be converted into a film post publication. She also recently published an Inspirational Journal in three variations and a calendar with empowering and evolutionary themes. For more, visit

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